Paul Cockrell Photography

Paul Cockrell's Artist Statement

I hope you enjoy the photographs on this website. I plan to add, subtract, and modify the images over time, and eventually add content to the other tabs. I’m sure it will be a slow process but at least I’ve got a fair number of images uploaded and sorted into albums.

A little about me and my photography –

I’ve been interested in photography since I was a child and am now middle aged. I am also a semi-retired engineer and have a successful commercial photography business photographing engineering projects, which requires frequent travel across the US. It is a niche photography business, which utilizes my engineering skills and photography skills. I plan to describe this business in more detail at a later date. I’ve included a few of my engineering images in the Industrial Album.

I’ve lived in Placerville, CA on 12 acres since 1985. There is a second home on the property, which is an old farmhouse that I converted to a studio/gallery about 5 years ago, by adding track lighting, display cases, and flip bins. I use the farmhouse for weekend art shows several times a year and usually have several guest artists in a variety of art mediums. There are some interesting outbuildings and mining artifacts scattered around  the farmhouse. I plan to upload some photos of the studio/gallery in the not too distant future.

I do half day beginner/intermediate level workshops at my studio/gallery. The workshop covers the basics of digital photography and Photoshop and I go over the techniques I use for my work. Drop me an email if you would be interested in coming to a future art show or workshop. I also keep my photography up on the walls and matted prints in the flip bins and will open the gallery if requested.

I bought a “true fixer” house in Mono City, CA this summer. Mono Lake and the Eastern Sierras are some of my favorite places to photograph and this house will provide a central base. So far, I’ve made 19 construction trips to this house and it is now essentially weather tight – the inside work starts soon. There is an unobstructed view from the back deck of Mono Lake and the Eastern Sierras. I’ve seen a variety of weather in those 19 trips and plan to post some of the “back deck” images of Mono Lake soon. When all put back together, I hope to offer 2-3 day workshops from this house.

I currently use a Canon 5D Mark II and am very happy with the results. I’ve been digital for about 5 years. Before switching to digital I used medium and large format cameras. I bought my first Pentax 6x7 in 1984.

Prints of the images on the website are available for sale. Prices are -

11x14 matt (approx 7x9 image)         $49
16x20 matt (approx 10x13 image)   $119
18x24 matt (approx 12x18 image)   $169
22x28 matt (approx 16x22 image)   $329

11x14 matt (approx 7x9 image)       $129
16x20 matt (approx 10x13 image)   $189
18x24 matt (approx 12x18 image)   $289
22x28 matt (approx 16x22 image)   $489

Shipping costs depend upon size and whether unframed or framed. Photographs can also be picked up at the studio/gallery.

I use an Epson 4880 printer (17” wide) for most of my work and print on matt paper. I also have an Epson 7800 printer (24” wide), which I’ve used for matted prints up to 30x40.