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Artist Presentations announces tablet app publishing platform for artists

Beginning this Fall (2011) Artist Presentations will begin offering a newly designed platform for creating "Projects" complete with a digital publication service with world-wide distribution opportunitties.

At the heart of the service will be a new feature we call Projects. Pro Level members will be able to create and participate in Projects, recruit collaborators, and self-publish their work as a single issue or subscription based app on tablets such as iPad, Android, and BlackBerry PlayBook.

Artist Presentations will also begin publishing a quarterly digital showcase magazine featuring selected art work and projects produced by our members as well as several Special Edition themed project publications.

Unlike printed books, Artist Presentations Projects can include still images, text, audio, video, slideshows, links to live streams such as Twitter, and a variety of other interactive multimedia content. As a result, members will be able to produce very engaging and exciting digital publications covering the full spectrum of art, education, documentary, music, and more.

The unique project collaboration feature is designed to unleash the talents of all our members by allowing them to work together to produce exciting content-rich publications. Members will be able to find and work with other artists from different mediums such as writers, videographers, songwriters, composers, bands, and illustrators to produce publications never before possible without investing large amounts of capital and assuming the associated risk.  In short, collaborative projects can become a new art form providing artists from all over the world an opportunity to work together to entertain, instruct, and inform.

Completed projects will be available for distribution as digital publications apps in the upcoming Apple Newsstand and other app stores for tablets.

Watch our blog for more news as this initiative takes shape. We already have several projects in the works and will be providing training and information on a regular basis.