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The Artist's Way and Morning Pages

I was attending a workshop for songwriters this past weekend and the subject of creative blocks came up. Everyone in the arts that I have ever known, famous or not so much, have experienced or worry about creative block. Writer's call it "writers block" but we all know what it means... The muse has forsaken us for another.

One of the instructors in the workshop mentioned the work of Julia Cameron, a writer of thirty books and former spouse of Martin Scorsese. One of her books is called "The Artist's Way Morning Pages Journal" which I haven't read yet and will report on later after I do. From what I understand it's all about creative rediscovery and includes tools and exercises to help you get those creative ideas and juices flowing again.

There are two primary tools in The Artist's Way  that she calls The Basic Tools. We discussed the "Morning Pages" in the songwriter's workshop. The other Basic Tool is the  "The Artists Date"

Morning Pages is an exercise that you would do every morning. The idea is to write in longhand a stream of consciousness. As Ms. Cameron writes, "There is no wrong way to do Morning Pages-- they are not high art. They are about anything and everything that crosses your mind-- and they are for your eyes only."

The Artist Date is a "solo expedition to explore something that interests you. The Artist Date need not be overtly 'artistic' -- think mischief more than mastery."

You can download a PDF of "The Basic Tools" here