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Social Media Branding for Artists - Part 1

George AielloWelcome to the first installment of our new blog series entitled, "Social Media Branding for Artists". I know, right off the bat, some might argue that "branding" isn't something that artists should do. But bear with me for a few more moments.

Why build a personal brand?

I found a pretty good answer to this question in Chris Brogan's blog "Develop a Strong Personal Brand". He writes:

The easiest answer is that you might want to be memorable, and you might want to transfer your real world reputation into the online world. A strong personal brand is a mix of reputation, trust, attention, and execution. You might want to build a brand around being helpful (what I hope my brand means to you), or being a creative thinker (Kathy Sierra, for instance) or being a dealmaker (Donald Trump), or being a showman (David Lee Roth), or whatever matters most to you, and also what you are capable of sustaining.

A personal brand gives you the ability to stand out in a sea of similar products. In essence, you’re marketing yourself as something different than the rest of the pack. Do you need this? I don’t know. Do you like to be mixed in with the pack?

While that excerpt isn't targeted directly at artists I think you can see that what we're talking about here is, indeed, being memorable. And, the form that takes is simply what comes natural to you.

Artists have been building personal brands for a long time. I'm sure you will recognize these names and have several thoughts that immediately come to mind, not just about the work, but about the individuals... their personal brand.

  • Ansel Adams
  • Salvatore Dali
  • David Hockney
  • Pablo Picasso
  • Andy Warhol

These artists, and thousands more, are known for both their work and for what makes them memorable as an individual.

In this series, we'll cover several topics to help you build your social media brand, starting with your all-important profile, whether it is on, Facebook, or anywhere else.