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The Three Screen Gallery

Whether you are an emerging or established artist, gallery representation has probably been a goal of yours at some point in your career. It’s always been a challenge to get representation but in today’s economy with so many galleries closing or cutting back it’s becoming even more difficult. So, what’s an artist to do?

Let’s begin with another question. Why do you want to be represented by a gallery? The answer for most is exposure, i.e. having one’s artwork seen, and with that an increased potential for sales.  Of course, those sales usually come at a cost, typically 50% but I’m not saying that unfair. Galleries bring a unique value, have expenses, and need to make a profit, too. It’s just a reality of the business.

More importantly, do galleries still offer the artist their best chance of exposure and sales? As I write this I’d probably say no for exposure but yes to the sales question. But even that is changing or is about to in significant ways.  This is where we need to start looking toward the future and how we may bring our art to larger audiences in order to find our own “followers” and patrons.

That future could be called “The Three Screen Gallery”, and this new type of gallery can be all yours. But, what is it? Some call it the convergence of TV, web and mobile (see Brian Solis’ post: The Golden Triangle). The idea is simple and has been refined as stated by Paul Diagle in that post:

… We’ll go from having a TV, PC and phone to having a big screen, small screen and pocket screen. Currently our 3 screens represent competing platforms. Tomorrow they’ll be 3 complementary devices that each have certain advantages based on the activity we’re engaged with at a given moment. Pocket screens = single-user. Small screens = work stations. Big screens = group-experience stations. …

The above post reference is from 2009. What may have been considered a technology prophecy at that time is rapidly becoming a reality today. And, artists are in a great position to take advantage of this. And, that’s where the “The Three Screen Gallery” comes in. The important point is all three screens provide the same content and experience. It’s really just the social context when viewing that dictate the device we view it with.
In this series we’ll explore the “The Three Screen Gallery” in practical terms and help guide you to taking full advantage of it to gain audience and, hopefully, collectors of your work that you could never have reached before.

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