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What the Web of Tomorrow Will Look Like

Ben Parr writes a weekly column about social media trends on Mashable, a great site for those interested in social media. This week's column is titled: What the Web of Tomorrow Will Look Like: 4 Big Trends to Watch and it's well worth reading.

I have been talking about how the future of the web will be changing in the very near future with just about anyone who would listen to me for some time. The article by Ben Parr sums it up about as well as I have seen in easy to understand, non-technical terms.

So, how does all this web future "stuff" apply to visual artists? Simple. Artists now and in the future have many exciting and new ways to present and sell their work through a whole new generation of online presentations.

While selling original art is still (and will always be) the best presentation, in the future (that means starting now) other revenue generating art related products such as books, greeting cards, calendars, etc., will be replaced in large part by online presentations that include images, video, audio and built-in value added applications. 

New audiences for your work are waiting!

The new markets for artists are extraordinary and I encourage you to set your sites on it now.  Long gone are the old barriers and gatekeepers that kept purchasers of  art and the artist separated. Through social media marketing you have the ability to reach and grow an audience in ways not even imaginable a few years ago. But you also should start thinking about the way your art will be delivered, the new presentations.  

Ben Parr's article is a good introduction and starting point. I heartily recommend it.