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Why should a visual artist blog?

A friend recently asked, "I'm a visual artist, why should I write a blog and if I did what would I write about?". Those are good questions. The first one is pretty easy for me to answer, the second takes a little more thought.

It's about building an audience

As visual artists we like to think that our work "speaks" for itself. That indeed may be true but if no one sees that work it's message may not reach the audience it deserves. If you are in the business of art, meaning you want to sell your work, or even if you just want people to see it, then a blog is an effective way to share your motivation, experiences, travels, expertise and, not least of all, your art work with a larger audience. Simply put, it's an opportunity to connect with a wider audience and build a community of those that are interested in you, your work and your art career.

What to write about is a bit tougher question and one that you will ultimately have to figure out for yourself. Here's a few ideas that might help.

  • The first thing that I recommend is to look at your blog as an extension of your brand as an artist. One way to do this is to define a niche about your art work or specialities that your readers will find interesting.
  • Writing about your exhibits and images is good, but you don't just have to write about yourself. In fact, writing about topics related to your work will probably pay larger dividends.
    • If your artwork results from travel you may want to blog about the places you've been to or are planning to go to. Then, simply use your images to illustrate your posts.
    • If you specialize in floral still life you might want to write about anything from floriculture to floral design, again illustrating your posts with your own work.
    • Are you known for a special technique or approach having to do with your art? Writing about that would attract others interested in those topics.
    • Are your subjects about historical places or events? You guessed it, you have something to write about.

Spread the word through blogging and others will too!

The point is we all have interests that are related in some way or another to our art work or who we are as artists. Remember, other people, including non-artists, will share in those interests. So, for example, by writing about your trip to Venice you will likely attract others interested in Venice to your blog. Once in your blog, they will discover that you also create images or other art items related to Venice. People will like discovering that. Plus, because of your writing they feel they know you just a bit more. You've just gained further credibility with them. People like to know the artists they collect.  They may also tell others about your blog and art.

Even micro-blogging, such as using updates on your profile, will do wonders for spreading the word about you and your work. Our updates are fully search-engine friendly, including Google, so even if you don't have a formal blog you can use your Artist Presentations profile to participate in the blogoshere!

Remember, it's all about building an audience. An audience that shares in your interests, (Venice, flowers, bird watching, techniques, etc.) will also become interested in you as an artist.

I bet you've got lots to write about after you think about it for a bit.