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Things began a number of years ago for me in Detroit, Michigan, where I was born. Just before grade school my parents moved to Texas where I grew up. Following my professional training, I relocated to California, and have been a resident of Sacramento for the past thirty–three years.

Despite my professional training in medicine and practice as a specialist in newborn care, I have maintained a lifelong interest in photography. My interest in and life long passion for photography was generated over fifty years ago by an uncle who was also passionate about photography. Over the last several years my photography has been fostered by more formal training in photographic design and composition. Canadian photographer Freeman Patterson has been influential to my vision, as have platinum printer/photographer, Dan Burkholder, photographers John Paul Caponigro and Vincent Versace.

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Advances in technology, namely digital imaging and in particular printing, have allowed me to process my own images and achieve my own vision, as I now have complete control of the image from conception to final output. In composing my images, symmetry, geometric design, contrast tonality and color are prime motivating factors. Patterns of nature utilizing contrasts of color and pattern are also utilized. The reason for each image is simply that it appealed to me, either in its graphic design or that it conveys a sense of peace, a place away from the bustle of daily life.

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Editions of my work are in the Kaiser–Permanente and Sprint collections, as well as private collections. Images have been published in Gourmet, M.D. and Physician's Lifestyle. I have won prizes in juried competitions at the Viewpoint Photographic Art Center.

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