About Artist Presentations

Artist Presentations Mission and Promise to You

Managing an artist's web presence can be a daunting challenge these days. It's much like a puzzle with several pieces that need to be in their proper place. Understanding that puzzle and having a bit of help in managing the pieces is what Artist Presentations is all about.

For starters, we believe the world is full of amazingly talented creative people. like you, that need and appreciate the opportunity to showcase their work and media projects on any site or device, including the web, television, iPads and smart phones with easy-to-use tools and support from a team of professionals that really care about their success.

With that in mind we believe artist web services should include the following.

  • As new media opportunities arise artists should be able to post their content once and distribute it virtually anywhere
  • Artists should be able to re-purpose their existing catalog to produce artistic presentations using a variety of mediums, then promote and showcase their resulting projects anywhere
  • Artists should have a place to meet, support, and collaborate with other talented people on projects and presentations
  • A web service provider should offer a complete package that helps artists manage their entire web presence including tools, training and personal support

The mission of ArtistPresentations.com is to provide these tools and opportunities to all artists through easy-to-use next generation web services, educational resources and unparalleled support.


A few words about our company

Artist Presentations is a service of Escalet, Inc., a privately held company located in Concord California. Escalet specializes in providing secure online content management systems.

George Aiello, one of the founders of Escalet, has been both a commercial and fine art photographer. He is a past president of the Viewpoint Photographic Art Center, a non-profit arts association based in Sacramento, CA. He, along with his wife Jo Ann, are best known for their photographic project "The Land of Glittering Dreams" a collection of images about the Gold Rush years of California. Their work can be viewed at AielloStudios.com. The Aiello's work is in many public and private collections and has been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout California.

Both as an artist, and in his role as president of Viewpoint, George has spent many hours in discussions with fellow artists related to the challenges of online promotion.  As a result, we at Escalet realized the problems faced by artists in creating and maintaining a web presence as well as building audiences for their work was almost universal.  This is what prompted Escalet to offer the services found at ArtistPresentations.com

What is special and different about our approach? We realize artists have many choices when it comes to web services. We also understand how easy it is to get confused about all the choices available.

Our goal is simple

To help artists build and maintain audiences for their work through a line-up of well designed online social networking and social marketing related services.

What we bring to the table

  • A complete understanding of artists' online needs
  • Start with a free profile and grow your online presence as your needs and skills increase
  • Great technology that is proven and easy to use
  • Social media marketing tools
  • Training opportunities to help you succeed, including:
    • Webinars
    • Tutorials
    • Webcasts
    • How-to recipies

We encourage any productive feedback that will help us improve the services offered by Artist Presentations (contact us).